Friday Finds – 8/10/17


Welcome to a brand new series from BEP! Every Friday, we’ll be updating this blog with some cool products that we’ve grabbed throughout the week.

VCO recently came out with new appliers. VCO has been a cult favorite in Second Life among the kawaii community. If you’re looking for a cute bubblegum sugary sweet applier, VCO does not disappoint.

Maki costs 900 Linden and it is Catwa compatible only. It comes with four different eyebrow options and three different lip options. Body appliers are not included and must be purchased individually. Matches past pale tones.


Below is a close-up of the applier on my avatar:


Find #2! Label Motion has released the most adorable subscriber group. Pick up a simple pose compatible with a cute hotdog in about 5 different variations. This is a free gift located at their main store. Click here for more information and slurl.