Holiday Hunt – 2017


Look for this display at the following mainstores to find a special sales item!

Look for this box at the following mainstores to find a special hunt item!


Slurls and Hints:

.BF. – “Kittens and jewelry the perfect combination of my heart”
!dM deviousMind – “Sweet surprise comes in two and makes all merry go round.”
.peaches. – “Sometimes when I am OLDER, I like to go up top, and hang around.”
[ bubble ] – “Look for me near the tree!”
[Glitzz] – “Baby deer is so lovely!”
[Krescendo] – “Grab a cup of Mead, Merry Christmas!”
[NC] – Noble Creations – “Ho Ho Ho, it’s too tight in here! I can’t get through it!”
[theSkinnery] – “Nobody puts baby in the corner.”
//elephante poses// – “Once Upon a Time…”
#adored – “Grab a slice of ‘zza before you go!”
+ Occult + – “Gacha,Gacha !Addict !♥”
~Nerido~ Luxury Fashion – “Prickly beauty hid it”
Analog Dog Hair – “The ties that bind”
Atooly – Not Set Up
Belle Epoque – “When nothing goes right, go left”
BellePoses – “Wow, I see my reflection”
Besom – “Try again. sigh. Try again. sigh. AHH YES! Gotcha.”
C L A Vv. – “Gimme the beat”
Caboodle – “Floating away”
Cheeky Pea – “Not to put too fine a point on it, but I’m *new*”
ChicChica – “Look on shiny head”
CURELESS [+] – “If your behavior is deemed to lack, the krampus shall put you into his sack.”
Dark Passions – “Time to shake all the presents”
Decoy – “Have a seat, there’s room for two”
Doe – “Order Up!”
Dysfunctionality – “Is it a little two warm in here?”
e.marie – “Snowflakes”
ERSCH – “Little sly guardian’s got smth for you”
Enfant Terrible – “Look for the red-nosed culprit that took the gifts”
Faida – “U got rekt”
Fiasco – “I’m going to bed, wake me up when it’s January.”
Kaithleen’s – “Sleeping beauty”
Kibitz – “Look up high, as high as the stars”
Lapointe & BastChild – “Only a short climb away from the center of everything”
Le Fil Casse – “You’ve got mail!”
Little Llama – “your gift is under the tree”
luas – “Look at the winter stall”
Lybra – “when you are done searching down, you may look up”
Masoom – “Latest trend of SL”
Meva – “The Lady with Umbrella got it for you!”
moon amore – “Ho Ho Ho & Tentacles”
Moon Elixir – “Too many pine needles… and not enough presents!”
NAMINOKE – “Look at bottom of the Christmas tree!”
Narcisse – “by the dress named after the famous french writer”
Navy and Copper – “Never be afraid to sit a while and think.”
Phedora – “If you get Lucky, and they call your name…you will find me”
Plastik – “Finding me is a game of chance!”
Pretty Mess – “It’s cold outside”
Pumec – “Sit down, rest”
Reign – “ahoy matey!”
Roawenwood – Not Set Up
Safira – “Sometimes you just need to see under the stairs, but… which stairs?”
Serenity Style – “I like old cars”
Sintiklia – “One of the Christmas symbols”
Storybook – “If it’s not a Trilogy then it’s a Saga.”
Supernatural = “Look for my special helper [Ho-Ho]”
Sweet Thing – “Holidays sure can be ruff, I don’t want to get out of bed!”
sYs – Hunt Item 1. “♥I’ll be waiting for you by the fireplace!! ♥”
Hunt Item 2. “Come pick me up before the puppy has too much fun with me!”
Hunt Item 3. “Where is Cheyanne?”
tiny gems – “Owls like presents too”
unKindness – “Get a pressie whether you’re naughty or nice”
Veechi – “Reach for the stars”
Velika Rituals – “For a rainy day…”
Violetility – “Send your Christmas list before it’s too late because the mailmen are moving at a snail’s pace.”
volthair “When boys wear women hair”
Yasum – “Find Santa”
Yokai – “Ride with me on the carousel!”