oh gosh, im so sorry i was so flustered in this video. I had…

Source: oh gosh, im so sorry i was so flustered in this video. I had…

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May 15, 2017

oh gosh, im so sorry i was so flustered in this video. I had candy right before it and like, was wired and unable to sit still auuughhh
anyways, this is the rewind event! this round was 80’s roller derby! Awesome, right? This is part 1 of …5?

i think

Also, I did a collab with @twistedeuphoria  who is like 5000000x better of a blogger than me. she’s amazing. this is her photo here , and check out her mention to see her tumblr blog!

The videos go in this order:

part 1: accessories
part 2: Animals, poses, and shoes
part 3: clothes
part 4: deco/furniture
part 5 hair/makeup and bodyparts

if it’s too much, i might have to add more parts, but we’ll see!


Flickr Group:

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Stores Featured in this video:

Les Sucreries de fairy
Cosmic Dust
La Baguette
Little Llama

My Feeds:


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-CassandraMiddles Resident

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Lelutka  Head Chloe
Izzies tokyo pale eyes green
Besom x Reign Derby Hair Queen Rare @ Rewind
Mad warpaint makeup

Minimal 80s Ashley Bracelet Pink @ Rewind
Reign Derby Helmet @ Rewind
Reign Derby Kneepads @ Rewind
Reign Derby Skates @ Rewind
Reign skates with torn stockings plain @ Rewind
reign elbow pads @ Rewind
reign derby babe bottoms @ Rewind
reign derby girl loose top @ Rewind

Decor :
CMYK Vaporwave Decor CD Rug @ Rewind
CMYK Vaporwave Decor Poster @ Rewind
CMYK Vaporwave Decor CD Mobile @ Rewind
Little Llama Skate Sign Falling is funny @ Rewind
Little Llama Skate Zone @ Rewind
Sayo Blow Roller Rink @ Rewind
Winx & Flair.  Roller babes set 1 @ Rewind
Winx & Flair.  roller babes set 2 @ Rewind
floorplan neon ladies choice @ Rewind
floorplan neon skate rentals @ Rewind
peaches retro signs Fries before Guys @ Rewind
peaches retro sign SKATE @ Rewind
peaches retro sign take a chill pill @ Rewind
peaches retro signs gag me with a spoon @ Rewind
Ariskea 80s Retro Boombox@ Rewind

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