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SOThis is like, a test thing, to see how it…

This is like, a test thing, to see how it goes and stuff, right?
This is a new thing I wanna do that are different video challenges and contests.

This week’s Theme:

Summer Vacation

Strawberry’s vlogger challenge:

This runs from


Videos will be featured and linked on the fourth.

The rules:
Please follow the theme of the week
Be as creative as you want
        -you can chat, sing, dance, do a machinima, speed through, anything, as long as it’s your genuine work
it must be secondlife related

other than that, that’s it! these only are able to enter the contest of this week, so after this sunday, they won’t be eligible to be featured here or for the prize.
I decided the prize each week will be a 1k gift card of my choosing.

Here’s my social media so you can tag me

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Got something you want me to review? How about a sim you want to show off? Tutorials? Send me a message with requests, or if you’re a store wanting something showcased, send me a message inworld to CassandraMiddles Resident. I normally review monthly events, FLF, Luxebox, and occasionally do full hauls of stores I really love. I also love showing off beautiful sims, get ready with me’s, and sometimes sing. I also post almost daily on my flickr and tumblr, when not doing vlogs, and would love to see your stuff as well!

-CassandraMiddles Resident

since this wasn’t an official blog post, no official credits, but i’m wearing stuff from Truth, Blueberry, Bold and beauty, Lelutka, and Maitreya, with Izzie Eyes.

if you have any comments, suggestions, feedback, feel free to leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments!