hiya everyone!I can’t believe I’m still under the weather. I’m…

Source: hiya everyone!I can’t believe I’m still under the weather. I’m…

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June 6, 2017

hiya everyone!

I can’t believe I’m still under the weather. I’m mostly better but like…I really just want it all to go away and I can carry on with my day/vlogs.

Today though, I did a live stream where I just shopped at c88. You can see the chat on the left hand side, so its a bit easier to see who i’m talking to the whole time.

[embedded content]

I don’t think i showed all the items unboxed, but you can at least see all the stores there while we shopped, and i did eventually unbox /most/ as i went through it all.

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  -CassandraMiddles Resident

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Lelutka  Head Chloe
glam affair klara skin asia@ C88
Veechi Matte Eyeliner
Veechi Gretch Eyelashes
Tentacio ears from past cutieloot
Izzie’s Tokyo Eyes New Update
Izzie’s face and body sand
Tableau vivant undercut curly brown@ C88
NO Art Nails Saturated Florals Pink@ C88
Zaara Ritvi Bikini Lime@ C88
Erratic Carrie Denim Shorts Dark blue@ C88
Yummy Love Spell Ring Set@n21

(Milk Motion) the lost island – waves – 259LI
uK – In the Clouds Lrge Cloud
dust bunny . lighthouse 1
!Ohmai: Pacific Gull (Hovering Slow – Rez)

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